Who We Are

You can brew great tasting and unique beers without a brewery and you can grow nutritous food without a backyard. Avid Brewing Company  is a chance for you to enjoy either pursuit.

We offer startup kits and all the ingredients for brewing high quality beer as well as hydroponic systems for growing delicious food indoors.

You can even combine the two. For example, right now, we’re using Avid Grow products to grow our own hops. When ready, we’ll make amazing beer with these fresh hops using our own Avid Brew materials.

We hope you’ll frequent our online community. We sell to customers throughout North America. Or if you find yourself near St. Petersburg, FL, please visit our store where you can see our products in action. We’re always brewing and growing something!

Thank you for stopping by. If you have questions, we’d love to talk to you.

Call us 1-727-388-6756

Email Us contact@avidbrew.com




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